“Children are the future of a nation -
Education gives the children a future”

This is at the heart of all our work at The Wetter Foundation. We strongly believe that education is a vital contributor to children’s future and to their successful development.

The aim of the Wetter Foundation is to help poor children in rural Indochina, specifically in Vietnam. The focus of the Foundation’s work is on building kindergartens, schools and orphanages. Since our inception, we have completed more than 100 significant projects.

This has also led to a very positive and constructive cooperation and relationship with the Vietnamese Authorities and with the local Red Cross organizations.

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To help provide underprivileged young children in Indochina with basic education to give them a good start to their adult life.


“The Wetter Foundation pour les enfants de l’Indochine” was officially registered under Swiss Law in St.Gallen, Switzerland – the home town of the founder, Rolf Kuehne, on June 20th 2001.


Rolf Kuehne was born in 1944 in Switzerland, but lived and worked in the Far East for much of his career. Extensive travel in many Far Eastern countries gave him first-hand impressions of living conditions, particularly for small children. For over 30 years he witnessed orphans and children growing up in acute poverty, without a roof over their heads, without even primary care and education. Such scenes were deeply engraved on his mind, and he determined that when he retired from business life, he would set up the Foundation, together with his wife Christiane, and his son Michael.


Michael lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He and a close friend of Rolf, Mr. Hoang Son, personally guide each project from its outset right through to completion.


Hoang Son was born in Vietnam, but lived and worked in Paris for 45 years. In 1990 his job took him back to Vietnam where he founded ‘Fraternité Enfance Vietnam’ – a charity dedicated to educating orphaned and homeless ‘street children’. This charity is now part of the well-known ‘Enfants du Mékong’ organisation. Hoang’s humanitarian efforts led him later to join Rolf at the Wetter Foundation, where he is a member of the Executive Board.


Thanks to the strong support to our Foundation, we were able to provide over the past 22 years the much needed help to underprivileged children, in particular to the minorities living in the remote rural regions of Vietnam and Laos. To continue to fulfill our noble mission in the years to come, we very much need to rely on your continuous generous support.