Registered office:

The Wetter Foundation pour les enfants de l’Indochine

c/o lic.jur. Silvia Gerlach
Museumstrasse 35
9000 St.Gallen

Board of Directors:

Mr. Rolf Kuehne, Morges/Switzerland, President
Mr. Son Hoang, Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam, Member
Mrs.Christiane Kuehne, Morges/Switzerland, Member
Mr. Michael Kuehne, Ho Chi Minh City, Member

Executive Board:

Mr. Rolf Kuehne
Mr. Son Hoang
Mr. Michael Kuehne


PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Place Pury, 13
2001 Neuchatel

The Wetter Foundation pour les enfants de l’Indochine is under the direct control of the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations in Bern, Switzerland. Registered in Vietnam as NGO under license No: 135/BNG-HD