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Our Principles

We are committed to ensuring that 100% of donations is invested directly in our projects, and that the children, their families and teachers are the sole benefactors. Every single cent is channeled into the project itself. Our close scrutiny ensures that no money is siphoned off elsewhere. None of us involved in the projects is remunerated in any way. We pay for all our own personal expenses, including travel.

We are encouraged by the results of our efforts, and plan to expand our work, building on our solid and proven principles:

  • Our lack of bureaucracy and small team ensures that 100% of the money we raise is devoted to our projects

  • Our strictly controlled payment procedure ensures that the money is entirely directed to each project. Detailed budgeting and cost control ensures that we stay within approved budgets

  • Our careful selection of projects, and personal review of each project, ensures that the investment is totally and immediately effective.

There is absolutely no doubt that your donations and our work are major contributors to ensuring a better future for the children in general, particularly for those from minorities.

The WETTER Foundation is most grateful for your donations, as are all the children and their families.

Our Works

Over the past years we have built more than 70 new kindergartens and schools and renovated/improved the facilities of several orphanages. Most of the schools are situated where the minorities live, in remote areas that tend not to be a priority for provincial governments. Each school has between 180 to 220 children, aged from five to nine years old.

Our projects for orphanages comprise extensive renovation as well as building of workshops where children can learn computer, sewing and mechanical skills. In some cases, we purchase additional land for agriculture to ensure more self-sufficiency. We also assist orphanages in real need to finance their monthly running costs. Thanks to local donors, we can also help by providing nutritional products to complement and upgrade their daily diet.

We are rigorous about the way we go about each project. For example, in Vietnam, at the outset, we work with the Vietnamese Authorities.

Once the building is completed and equipped, it is turned over to the local authorities who are responsible for hiring the teaching staff from the Ministry of Education. The official inauguration of the school takes place when the school is fully operational.

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